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But, as I said, 95-96% of the Physical Universe has already been liquidated, terminated.

Hence, the terminations of Earth, of this Solar System and of this Galaxy, are a forgone conclusion.

Thus, we need to accept that there may be no need for further information other what I have written.

Many of you are receiving visions, either psychically or in dreams, of Planet X and/or of the pronounced disasters it will cause.

There is nothing that we, on this level, can do about timing.

I was impressed to give the date of occurrence in late May as a near certainty.

For now, those who having no Inner Knowing can only observe and surmise.

The Earth will end as I have written The “Viables’, all 650 million of them, will be rescued. Others will be rescued spiritually once they physically die.

In the 31 years since I began delivering my message, many people around the world have been told that this world is doomed.

For example, it was common for Aliens to talk to the peasants in Mexico in the 1980s and tell them the World would end and only ‘good’ people would survive spiritually to be taken elsewhere.

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