Updating to psp version 3 30 russian single dating net

- Supports PG 2.1 silicon version of DM644x by reverting the field inversion workarounds done to support previous PG revisions.

For PG 1.x, the workarounds will remain in place even if the patch is applied. The SDIO stack support is a port of the SDIO stack available in the “Linux SDIO Stack project” hosted in Source Forge.

b) When TCP is used with "connect" and when the ACK was not received, Retransmission was happening only once.Step 4: If you are using USB connection, un-mount the memory stick or if you are using the memory card reader, transfer the memory stick to PSP and restart the device. Step 6: Your PSP will restart and launch CFW installation.Simply press X button and follow the on-screen instructions your PSP to install the LCFW.The patch name has been changed to keep with the TI naming convention for patches.The following table gives a mapping between LSP 1.10 and LSP 1.20 patches.

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