The big bang theory 7x04 online dating

They continue to press Amy for details about her upcoming date.

Catching Amy kissing another man, Sheldon realizes that Amy has indeed moved on from him. As they were the ones who "found" Amy, Sheldon asks Howard and Raj to find his next girlfriend.

Bernadette convinces Penny to go spy on Amy to find out more about her date.

She doesn't think that she is sneaky; because she is so short it's adorable.

Also, I might need to jettison my love for belabored maritime metaphors. Sheldon asks Howard and Raj to set up a series of puzzles whose prize would be Sheldon. Any girl who's up for the challenge and smart enough to solve the puzzles must take note: being on-time and respect for Atomic Spectroscopy are of utter importance.

Leonard is making Sheldon breakfast since he is having a rough time. He announces that he is going to start looking for another woman.

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