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With so many of the ingredients and equipment on special offer this month it would be T-errible not to give it a go!

If you would like to keep your dinosaur themed cupcakes even simpler then check out these Dinosaur Head Cupcake Toppers.

We have included kebabs, sausages and burgers in ours, complete with cooking utensils which were made using the Sugarcraft Gun to achieve perfectly straight tongs.

We even have Dad's favourite sauce which seems to be a hit with the wasps too!

You can even model a chef's hat from sugarpaste too..

Not only will this look more professional to your customers but it will also keep you more organised as each sheet contains all the vital information required when taking an order such as delivery address, number of portions required and pricing.

At 23, Taylor Swift has four hit albums, two fragrance deals, concerts that sell out in minutes, and she spends her spare time hanging out with America's royal family, the Kennedys.

This is based on a round cake and can be decorated to your preference.If you would like to transform your teddy into a princess, colour some sugarpaste with Sugarflair Baby Pink Paste Colour and make a crown using the Crown Cookie Cutter.Add decoration to the crown using Blossom Plunger Cutters and Diamond Plunger Cutters.The Karen Davies Girl Face Mould has been used for all of these cupcakes and is on special offer this month too.Have a go at making your own princess using our easy step by step guide.

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