Online dating dangers and precautions for bacterial meningitis

A working draft of the guideline was reviewed by experts in infection control and published in the Federal Register for public comment.However, all recommendations in the guideline may not reflect the opinions of all reviewers.

Because there have been few studies to test the efficacy of isolation precautions and gaps still exist in the knowledge of the epidemiology and modes of transmission of some diseases, disagreement with some of the recommendations is expected.Gilchrist, Ph D University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Donald A.Goldmann, MD Children's Hospital Boston, Massachusetts Elaine L.This online archive of the CDC Prevention Guidelines Database is being maintained for historical purposes, and has had no new entries since October 1998.To find more recent guidelines, please visit the following: Membership List, November 1994 PART I: EVOLUTION OF ISOLATION PRACTICES Introduction Summary Early Isolation Practices CDC Isolation Systems CDC Isolation Manual CDC Isolation Guideline Universal Precautions Body Substance Isolation OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Regulations The Need For a New Isolation Guideline PART II: RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ISOLATION PRECAUTIONS IN HOSPITALS Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee Rationale For Isolation Precautions In Hospitals Source Host Transmission Fundamentals of Isolation Precautions Handwashing and Gloving Patient Placement Transport of Infected Patients Masks, Respiratory Protection, Eye Protection, Face Shields Gowns and Protective Apparel Patient-Care Equipment and Articles Linen and Laundry Dishes, Glasses, Cups, and Eating Utensils Routine and Terminal Cleaning HICPAC Isolation Precautions Standard Precautions Transmission-Based Precautions Empiric Use of Airborne, Droplet, or Contact Precautions IMMUNOCOMPROMISED PATIENTS Recommendations REVIEWERS REFERENCES APPENDIX A POINT OF CONTACT FOR THIS DOCUMENT: Tables Synopsis of Types of Precautions& Patients Requiring the Precautions Clinical Syndromes/Conds.

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