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Daily Life at Sarmisegethuza Dacian Civilization Dacian Women Geto Dacian Fruit Stand and Ceremonial Cup Calendarul Dac The Deva Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization The Dacian Commerce Geto-Dacian Hairdo The Dacian Koson Belagines-Dacian Law Opinci Dac Fest, Festivalul Cetatilor Dacice Ceramics-The Wolf of Carlomanesti Dacian Ceramic Ovens The Funerary Rituals The Dacians were not the barbarians some typically think of.They had a settled and prosperous civilizations with many cities and fortresses .

Erected on top of a 1,200 meters high mountain , the fortress was the core of the strategic defensive system in the Orăştie Mountains (in present-day Romania), comprising six citadels.Dacian reenactors Dacians were divided into three classes: the aristocracy (tarabostes), the common people (comati) and the priests.The aristocracy and the priests alone had the right to cover their heads and wore a felt hat (hence pileati, their Latin name), covering their hair top knot.The second class, who comprised the rank and file of the army, the peasants and artisans, might have been called capillati (in Latin).Their appearance and clothing can be seen on Trajan's Column.

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