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It's a lot for him to sort out, but hopefully it will make for good drama. How do you think things will play out for the Bates family?

Cuse: Dylan is full of a certain level of ambivalence toward his mom so I'm not entirely sure there isn't part of him that's happy that she's sitting in a jail cell.

THR: Will Norman be angry that his mother is ruining this emotional high?

Cuse: The reverse is true: Norma is really angry for what he did.

You're hoping you're going to get renewed but can't put the cart too far in front of the horse and now we're really going to get started in earnest." PHOTOS: Meet the Residents of A&E's ' Psycho' Prequel ' Bates Motel' The Hollywood Reporter: How will Norman feel after learning that the second time he sneaks out of the house, something horrible again happens to Norma?

Carlton Cuse: The lesson is Norman really shouldn't leave the house without permission!

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