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At least once Srila Prabhupada stopped a devotee from singing the wrong tune during mangala-arati and said, “Sing the morning tune.” Srila Prabhupada wanted these traditional melodies to be introduced in the West, particularly the Bengali melodies sung in the kirtanas of Lord Caitanya’s day.However, during public engagements it may be difficult for Westerners to respond to traditional Bengali melodies.For example, in a temple where mangala-arati only lasts for 20 minutes, devotees should only sing each of the Gurvastakam once, in order to leave ten minutes for chanting Hare Krsna.This was a well known dictum in the “early days.”Responsive chanting is very nice; one good singer may lead, and the others may join in. It is very good for two reasons especially: One, the chanter gets to rest, so he does not become tired, and two, you get to chant and hear, that is the process.The more one engages in the service of Sri Caitanya, the more one finds oneself in Vrindavana, tasting the nectar of the service of Sri Radha" ( 88) Pure devotion to Gauranga is best of all.

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A particular melody is appropriate for the morning and another for the evening.kriyasaktam dig dig vikatatapaso dhik ca yamena dhigastu brahmaham vadana-pariphullan jadamatin kimetan socamo visaya-rasa-mattan-narapasun na kesancil-leso'py ahaha milito gaura-madhunah "Woe to the smarta Brahmans, who blindly follow the Vedic rituals!To hell with those who unnecessarily practice harsh penance's.yatha yatha gaura-padaravinde vindeta bhaktim krta punya-rasih tatha tathot-sarpati hrdya-kasmad radha-padambhoja-sudhambu rasih "One who is extremely fortunate may get the mercy of Lord Caitanya.As much as one can devote his full attention to the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya, to that extent he will be able to taste the nectarine service of the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani in Vrindavana.

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