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My first and only job interview in an attempt to get my foot in the door of the music industry was for a position at a booking agency.Before the interview began, the person in the current position asked me: ‘So before we start this interview, we’d like you to know that we’re looking for someone who is going to take this role seriously and not run off with one of our artists when they come in to town.’When I was 18, a particular frontman took advantage of me, in a way that opened my eyes to see that the music industry isn’t all that great.He was the frontman who after a show would force kiss you.He would text you saying come to this bar, gig, band and…I’ve been told by members of a band that they wanted to “show me something” only to lead me into the bathroom and try to force themselves on me.

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I chose not to have sex with him, but I know a lot of 18 year old girls who would feel pressured into doing it. Just because you’re a frontman of a band, does not mean you are entitled to anything more than anyone else.

He told me that he selected girls for awards at the competition on the basis of their looks.

The abuse triggered years of struggles with my mental health. I have had managers of bands place their hands on my body when I was asking to interview the band, I’ve been groped multiple times in crowds.

He constantly would put his arm around my waist at shows, occasionally pinch my bum at after parties and once snapchatted me a totally unsolicited nude picture of himself, comfortable in the fact we were ‘close’ and that his position of power with a band we represent would keep him safe. It was the heads of companies in both not-for-profit and otherwise in the room.

I, as the executive director of a company, sat next to a senior publisher who decided it was a great idea to grab the side of my butt cheek as I sat next to him.

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