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On Wed, Dec 13th at pm, actress, director & entertainer Joely Fisher debuts her new show "Growing Up Fisher: Music, Memories & Misadventures" at Feinstein's at the Nikko in San Francisco, CA.

Box Office (415) 394-1167 or online at San Fran Dec13 Ms.

Fisher invites you backstage, into the intimate world of her career and family with her hilarious, irreverent, down-to-earth show (based on her memoir) which is filled with incredible music, candid stories about her life, her famous parents, and how the loss of her unlikely hero, sister Carrie Fisher, ignited the writer and performer within. Growing up in an iconic Hollywood Dynasty, Joely Fisher knew a show business career was her destiny.

The product of world-famous crooner Eddie Fisher and '60s sex kitten Connie Stevens, she struggled with her own identity and place in the world on the way to a decades-long career as an acclaimed actress, singer, and director.

She had a daughter with husband Tim, named Daisy Bevan. Joely’s age currently is 51 but she still has a well maintained body and a beautiful face. The bio of the very famous and beautiful Joely Richardson can be found on various social media sites like IMDb, Twitter, Wiki and more.

After the divorce she began dating actor, Jamie Theakston and separated in a year. She has had some great years in the acting arena but her fans hope to see more of her in the years to come.

Fictional as it may be, it still feels a little...icky, doesn't it? Here's a list of Hollywood celebs that have done the dirty with their on-screen family members: Dated: 2007 - 2010Serial killer Dexter and his foul-mouthed, adopted, detective sister, Deborah shared romantic interest both on and off screen.

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Fisher's new show (and memoir), with never-before-seen photos, will break and warm your heart. Now, Joely shares her unconventional coming of age story of the family members and co-star's dearest to her heart, while stripping bare her own misadventures.In "Growing Up Fisher", she recalls the beautifully bizarre twist of fate by which she spent a good part of her childhood next door to Debbie Reynolds.I can take a guess as to how Tony Soprano would've reacted to this one.While there were many rumors flying around in 2007 that on-screen brother and sister, AJ and Meadow were dating, it was never confirmed.

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