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The director, ever the fan of rebellion, felt drape persecution to be unjust—a class issue in his own backyard.

And so the story of bad boy-with-a-heart Cry-Baby was born.

These included Hag in a Black Leather Jacket and Mondo Trasho, which starred his own cast of bohemian, “post-beat, pre-hippie” outcast friends—including one neighborhood star-to-be.

Divine Intervention Waters met awkward, overweight Harris Milstead, who lived just down the block, in high school.

Everybody thought it was a bigger deal than it was. That'd never happened to me before.” The bidding war was for Cry-Baby, Waters' rockabilly tale of Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker, a Baltimore “drape,” and his class-defying love for upper-class local “square” Allison Vernon-Williams, a good girl who wants to be bad.

The director ended up with a budget of more than million Hairspray, by comparison, was shot for just .5 million, with Imagine Entertainment footing the bill.

Though critical reviews were mixed, the sweet, candy-colored homage to 1950s class-issues was received warmly by fans and industry folk; at Cannes, the film moved the crowd to a standing ovation during its screening.

Waters battled near constant rain, on-set flooding, an onslaught of technical problems and even interference from the FBI, who appeared onsite to arrest Traci Lords in relation to a federal case Lords was in good company: “Every person on that set had been arrested! The director also encountered a career first: answering to a major studio.

For his 17th birthday, his parents gave Waters an 8mm camera, transforming their son into a bona fide filmmaker who pursued his craft at NYU's film school until he was expelled during freshman year for smoking marijuana on campus.

After Waters' less-than-glorious return from the big city, the same camera inadvertently turned his family's well-groomed lawn into a studio-come-soundstage for low-budget flicks, most funded by his father and one scored by his mother playing piano.

“This was the only time ever that every studio wanted to make my next movie,” Waters explained in the documentary It Came From Baltimore.

"Hairspray had just come out—it was a huge sort of success.

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