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The nest is a scrape in which averages of two eggs are laid at intervals and which hatch at different times.

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The plumage coloration across at least 13 accepted subspecies can be highly variable.

The tail is tawny-buff, mottled dark grey-brown with about six black-brown bars. The iris is most often orange but is fairly variable.

In some European birds, the iris is a bright reddish, blood-orange colour but then in subspecies found in arid, desert-like habitats, the iris can range into an orangish-yellow colour (most closely related species generally have yellowish-coloured irises, excluding their Indian cousins).

It is a mostly nocturnal predator, hunting for a range of different prey species, predominately small mammals but also birds of varying sizes, reptiles, amphibians, fish, large insects and other assorted invertebrates.

It typically breeds on cliff ledges, in gullies, among rocks or in some other concealed locations.

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