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In 1958, thanks to the intervention of a family friend, Martino was allowed to return to the U. and resume his recording career, but he faced difficulties in re-establishing himself, especially with the arrival of rock and roll.

In 1959, Martino signed with 20th Fox Records; and four singles released, none of which was a major hit.

If your soulmate is still out there, chances are he or she is on Facebook.

A new service called The Datable seeks to make love connections within Facebook's global network of more than 901 million users.

Only 4% of marriages occur after couples meet on dating websites, Brotzman says.Labeling someone as "datable" sends an invite to their Facebook inbox.Datable users are essentially inviting these singles to join the network.It was number one in the first UK Singles chart, published by the New Musical Express on November 14, 1952, putting him into the Guinness Book of World Records.After making a down-payment to appease them, he moved to Britain.

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